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DINE features many needy and/or homeless dogs in need of extra exposure. One of the ways we do this is on our Facebook page where we change our profile picture every few weeks to feature an adoptable dog who has been "in the system" way too long. We write a detailed story and continue posting new photos for about 6 weeks or until the dog has been adopted. Here are the dogs we have featured in our profile picture in 2014 (so far):


WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT - SHADOW IS AN AWESOME DOG - PLEASE SHARE HIS STORY!! Shadow is the boy in our profile picture. He has been through some tough times and has quite a story to tell but what he needs most right now is his forever home! Shadow is a 2 year-old, 50 lb., vaccinated, neutered & microchipped pup who wants nothing more than to bond with someone, but he isn't overly needy. Outside, Shadow is perfect on leash & enjoys his walks, but also loves a good run or hike as well. Although he's not a ball-fetching swimmer, he likes splashing in lakes & creeks too! After his walk, he is content to just lie comfortably in the nice, cool grass or go inside for a nap. Inside, Shadow is always calm, quiet & well behaved. He loves to snuggle on the dog beds and would get right up on the human bed too, but only if you say it's okay. Shadow is very intelligent & takes direction well (e.g., he only needed to be told once not to put his paws on the counter). He is not crated when left in the house & he wouldn't be happy being crated all day, although if he hears firecrackers, he might like to have one that he can go into on his own terms. Rope toys, marrow bones and belly rubs are a few of Shadows favorite things! He is also awesome in the car and would be happy to go with you whenever and wherever he can - he's great on long trips too! The human bond is very important to Shadow but he also gets along fine with his furry foster brother. However, he prefers to just hang out rather than actively play (& cats are an unknown). Shadow is not an "in your face" dog who is constantly wanting attention. But once he feels like he's part of the family, he will lie right by your feet with his head as close to you as possible and sometimes put his head on your lap. Shadow does have a slight limp which doesn't slow him down a bit. It has been vet-checked & he is currently on Dasuquin with MSM (glucosamine supplement). Considering Shadow's journey (see below) he adjusts remarkably well to new situations, but it might take a little extra time to see his tail-wagging, more confident side (unless he's chasing a squirrel:) He is such a special boy though, and he deserves a very special home! CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SHADOW: Please e-mail Kathleen at kc@dogsinneedeverywhere.org or message me on this page. Thank you!

SHADOW'S JOURNEY began in California where he was fending for himself for at least 5 months but probably a lot longer. He was likely hit by a car during this time although his leg healed on its' own and did pretty well! He showed up in a neighborhood near a lake - he never knew where his next meal was coming from - a few kind-hearted people were feeding him but nobody could catch him. He desperately wanted to live at a home where there were some Huskies but the woman wanted no part of Shadow. By the time dog control was finally able to catch Shadow, he was somewhat of a celebrity - Heather and her mom Debbie (two of Shadow's fans) begged the DCO to let them have Shadow rather than taking him to the over-crowded shelter where he would likely be euthanized in 3 days. When he agreed, they immediately got Shadow vaccinated, microchipped, & neutered, but as hard as they tried, they couldn't find a rescue to take him in, as the rescues were full to capacity. When they finally found a home for Shadow, it fell through when the family's own dog had a sudden health crisis. Meanwhile, they needed to confine Shadow to a small fenced backyard because one of their (service) dogs didn't like him. Shadow jumped the fence every night in order to get back to the lake where he felt most comfortable but would happily come back home with Heather & Debbie the next morning. They eventually needed to tether Shadow during the day (which they hated doing - Debbie stayed home to watch him closely & visit with him every 20 minutes). And they decided they must bring him in at night. Besides separating all the dogs, there were several other complications, making it a very difficult situation for everyone involved. Another 5 weeks passed without any good possibilities for Shadow. We just couldn't turn our backs on the situation. Heather & her family flew Shadow to the east coast where we all felt that he would have a better chance of being adopted. He is currently in the capital region, awaiting his forever home. Please help him find it!!


May 2014, NURSING HOME HELPER NEEDS HOME OF HIS OWN!! Terrence, the new dog in our profile picture, is an 7 year old Boxer mix who was in a NYC shelter when Peppertree Rescue rescued him over a year ago. They adopted him out to a retired gentleman who has another dog. Terrence has such a sweet, gentle, and affectionate nature towards people, his adopter brought him to visit patients in nursing homes where he brought joy to all who met him. Unfortunately, Terrence's relationship with his furry brother didn't flourish as anticipated and his adopter was heartbroken when he had to give Terrence back to Peppertree. Now Terrence, who is living at a boarding kennel, is looking for a home without other furry ones but he is absolutely wonderful with all people including children.

Here are some quotes from some of Peppertree's volunteers:
"Terrence can be a real clown... he just likes to have fun and get belly rubs."
"Terrance has the most soulful brown eyes... you just want to hug him... he's like a cuddly bear."
Both volunteers said that Terrence will make you smile just by watching him be goofy and happy.

Terrence is completely housebroken, non-destructive in the house and loves to go for car rides. He knows SIT, DOWN, & HIGH-FIVE and is certainly capable of learning more if you would like him to.

A fenced yard is preferred - Terrence does enjoy leash walks but you would need to be very mindful because he is unpredictable with other dogs. "Walks don't necessarily make Terrence's life complete anyway," one volunteer said. "Time with his people make his life complete."

Terrence is hypo-thyroid which is easily treatable with inexpensive medication but because of this, his adoption fee is partially sponsored.

Please don't let this good boy live in a kennel any longer!! After all the joy he has brought to others, let's pay him back by helping find him a family!!

Contact Information: adoption application http://www.peppertree.org/adoptapp.php Phone: 518-435-7425


May 2014, ALVIN IS A SUPER DOG LOOKING FOR A SUPER HOME! Alvin is the dog in our new profile picture - PLEASE SHARE HIS STORY!!

Alvin is a 2 year old, 45 lb. bully breed mix who is doesn't always dress like Superdog but the outfit really IS a reflection of his personality! And you can't see the beautiful white markings on his neck, legs and feet in these first photos but we'll post more soon.

About 6 months ago, Alvin was found wandering the streets and brought to the Montgomery County SPCA. He was underweight and missing some of his fur. He was extremely fearful of kennel life…he was afraid of every little noise and he was even afraid of the blanket they gave him. Maybe Alvin had never seen a blanket. But once he went to a foster home, he started to shine! He became a more confident, loving, playful, silly, happy pup - and now he's ready to go to his forever home and enjoy the life he should have had from the beginning. His foster mom says, "Alvin is extremely gentle and loves to cuddle. I simply cannot imagine someone not wanting this dog. He gets along with everyone he meets including dogs, people and children! He is a total love bug who sleeps under the covers. He definitely appreciates being part of a family and shows it by his excellent behavior. He is a super easy boy and fits right into a home. Alvin has a very special place in my heart and I want to find him a special home."

Alvin knows SIT, DOWN, WAIT, DROP IT, PAW, OTHER PAW, and BEG PRETTY. He walks well on a leash and is crate and potty trained.  He enjoys playing ball and loves his walks.

Alvin's only not so stellar quality is that he barks when greeting another dog…and he has quite a big bark. If you don't know him, you might think he is being aggressive but that is not the case….it's all bark. He has never met a dog or a person he didn't like. The behavior may have something to do with the fear he experienced on the streets but he has absolutely no aggression. It's just something everyone will need to continue to work on because as his foster mom says, "he's the kind of dog you could bring to your kids' soccer games."

Alvin would love to be with a more active family and he really does take comfort being around other dogs. He also does great in the car and would enjoy going with you whenever he can!

Although Alvin's adoption will go through the Montgomery County SPCA, please contact his Crystal, his foster mom for more information or a meet and greet. And don't forget to share Alvin's story - thank you!!


April 2014, MEET ARIES - A THERAPY DOG IN THE MAKING - and DON'T FORGET TO SHARE HIS STORY!! Aries is the dog in our new profile picture.

Aries is a 2-3 year old Heinz 57 who sometimes has a funny grin on his face (not captured on camera yet) that is just short of a smile. Well, let's give Aries something to really smile about - a home!!

After Aries was picked up by local police south of Albany, NY in Early December 2013, nobody came looking for him. The ACO finally contacted 11th Hour Rescue NY? and asked for help. When the volunteers at 11th Hour started working with him, they found out that he already knew sit, down, & rollover and he was very anxious to learn more. So his foster mom has been bringing him to the Canine Good Citizen class and he is going to take his "final" next week! Once he passes, he is eligible to move on to Therapy Dog International - and he definitely has the potential - Aries is one superintelligent boy who is always eager to please!

At 65 lbs., Aries is tall, lean and strong but walks well on a leash with a harness. He loves to run and play so it would be a real plus to have a fenced yard or at least give him a good amount of exercise each day. He loves children but the rescue is suggesting a family with no kids or older kids just because of Aries size. Aries likes to hang out with his family but he's by no means a couch potato so an active family would be good for him, especially if they are willing to continue his training. Who knows, he might even enjoy a little agility training too! He is very calm in the car so you can take him anywhere you go.

At playtime, Aries favorite game is fetch - well sort of. He brings the tennis ball back, puts it on your feet, waits for you to try to pick it up, then puts his paw on your hand as if to say, "Sorry, this is mine." He will also tear up a tennis ball, but oddly enough not his squeaky toys. And his favorite treat is a marrow bone with frozen food inside - yummmm!!!

Aries loves people and will greet you by rubbing up against you just the way a cat would :) And he wants to greet everyone he meets! He will bond to his people in no time. He is also open to other dogs who are mellow because he wants to be top dog. But cats? Aries cannot live harmoniously with cats...

This pup loves his crate and although he doesn't need one (he's not destructive at all), a crate with an open door and a soft, fluffy blankie would make him very happy. His foster mom thinks he would also like a dog bed, but he's overly interested in human couches or beds.

Aries has been in foster care for almost 5 months now and the rescue volunteers just don't understand why. Please share his story and give him the chance to show the world how much he has to give!

Contact: www.11thhourrescueny.org
Application: www.11thhourrescueny.org/index.php/adoption-application
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/11th-Hour-Rescue-NY/199582600062174



Chloe, the beautiful 6 year old Great Pyr in our profile picture, was bred as a livestock guardian dog but deep down inside she always wanted to be with a human family. Now she has the chance! Chloe spent the first 4 years of her life outside on a horse farm but due to divorce, she was surrendered to NE Northeast pyr rescue? in 2012. First she was adopted out to a family with a farm who sounded like they understood her needs. But they ended up putting her in with chickens & gave her no attention. She was unhappy and kept escaping. Then she was adopted out to a family who brought her back because they said she was having accidents in the house but it turned out only to be a urinary tract infection. She is completely house-trained and healthy and has had no further issues. Chloe is a complete love!! She would make a wonderful addition to any family with or without children and/or other pets. She's an easy going gal who just wants a little affection and love - and she'll let you know by gently putting her paw or head on your lap...

Chloe doesn't jump all over the furniture. She will get up on the couch or bed once in a while for a little cuddling, but really prefers to be by your feet on the floor. She will sleep on the floor right next to your bed too so you'll need to be careful when you get up in the middle of the night!

There is a large fenced in yard at Chloe's foster home near Pittsfield, MA, and she enjoys playing out there with her furry siblings but she is the first to come in with her human family who she enjoys hanging out with even more. And when it comes to fences, height matters! If given the opportunity, Chloe will take herself on a little journey so fence height needs to be discussed with the rescue. However, Chloe would also be fine with a few short walks a day instead. She doesn't pull on leash but also hasn't had a lot of leash training to walk on a "loose leash."

Although Chloe is crate trained, she really doesn't need one. She can certainly be left unattended in the house - but her foster family strongly advises against putting a raw steak out on the counter if you leave! At over 100 lbs., she's big enough to reach the table and counters and she has been known to sneak food once in a while if nobody is home.

Chloe is relaxed in the car and enjoys going with you but it's not necessary because she is just as relaxed at home.

Chloe is not destructive at all. She's not food aggressive or bossy with other dogs. She's fine with anyone who comes into the house - only barks at people walking by but doesn't bark obsessively. She isn't interested in chew toys or tennis balls but does enjoy her bones. She also LOVES to be brushed and she's even good about getting her nails clipped!

Please share Chloe's story. For a large dog, she is getting on in years and she really deserves the comfort and caring of a foever home and family!

Contact Info: www.nepyresq.org/page/contact-us-28.html&
Application: www.nepyresq.org/page/adoption-application-36.html



(Momma is the girl in our new profile picture). Momma was a puppy having puppies. She's only about 1½ years old and would have spent her entire life as a breeding dog but she, one of her puppies, and the father of the puppy were in such horrible shape, the backyard breeder finally dumped them in a high kill shelter. They were suffering from mange and had very little fur left. The father, an older dog, was so bad he needed to be euthanized. Momma's pup was treated and adopted out easily but Momma was heartworm positive and needed extra veterinary care. She stayed at the shelter for 5 months and finally came to Forever Home Dog Rescue in Albany, NY in November 2013.

As you can see, Momma's coat has come back beautifully and she is in good shape physically. However, she is still very shy and fearful. At times, she even crouches down to walk... afraid of doors and where they might lead. She is scared of the outdoors and this is her biggest challenge because of potty training, but things are improving. She will go outside on her own but after she does her business, she wants to come right back in again, fearful that she will be left out there to fend for herself. But she is young enough that she can overcome her fears. She will just need a gentle, compassionate person to work with her. She is currently crated during the day but ideally, she needs someone who isn't gone for 8 hours a day so she can go out more frequently and get lots of positive reinforcement when she goes potty outside.

Momma is food motivated and takes treats gently which will make training much easier! She likes to sleep on a couch but only when the humans aren't on it... it's just a sign of how insecure she is since she never had a person to love her. However, if there is a quilt laying around and she sees a little stuffing, out it comes, so she should definitely not have stuffed animals - Nylabones are much better!

Momma is very curious and will come up and smell you... she just won't look at you in the eye yet. She isn't comfortable with people hovering over her but will warm up once she trusts them. When her foster mom comes home from work now, Momma has started to jump up on her out of sheer happiness. Her foster mom says she needs to be careful about how she discourages this because she doesn't want to discourage her from bonding with people.

Momma needs someone to bring her to new and different places in order to get her through some of her fears. She can't be pushed too hard but also can't be coddled. She is not super bouncy or playful but she would enjoy the company of another dog and she'll play a little if the other dog initiates it. She would also be fine with cats. One interesting thing about Momma is that she doesn't like the cold but she LOVES to run in the snow and seems to forget about her fears for a few minutes when she sees the white stuff! She is also fascinated by icicles.

Although there were some pretty evil people in Momma's past, she is learning that not all people are like that. Once she realizes that you're one of the good guys, she will come to you for lots of petting. Momma can certainly be around children but it would be best if she could find a quieter home where people aren't moving too fast and making a lot of noise…both of those things are still a bit scary for her. She will just need a patient, kind-hearted person to help her explore life the way it should be - with love! If you think you might be that special someone, please either e-mail jeans-haven@nycap.rr.com or go to www.foreverhomedogrescue and fill out an online application. You may also meet Momma on Sundays at PetsMart from 11-2. (161 Washington Ave., Ext., Albany, NY 12210) AND PLEASE SHARE!!


January 2014, SPEAKING OF SPRAKERS DOGS... WE'RE LOOKING FOR AT LEAST 100 SHARES ON NYAH & CURTIS BOTH AT AYRES SHELTER IN SPRAKERS, NY! Contact: 518-673-5670. Although it would be nice if they could find a home together, it is not a requirement.

There are so many people who jumped in to foster and/or adopt the dogs from the Flat Creek situation in Sprakers, NY (sight unseen) and those dogs would have been very difficult to care for. It's certainly nice to know that people have love in their hearts and space in their homes for dogs in need. But there are also thousands of dogs in need who are spending their entire lives in shelters. Wouldn't it be nice if Nyah and Curtis could become celebrities too... if just in one person's eyes...

NYAH: (the girl in our profile picture) How does anyone do this? Nyah's family had her since she was a puppy and in January 2012, they dumped her in Ayres Shelter in Sprakers, NY after they had a second baby and decided they had no time for her☹ She has been waiting for 2 years for someone to come for her. She is almost 12 now but shows no signs of aging. She has a good amount of energy for her age but is also so gentle & trustworthy that a group of individuals with special needs comes to the shelter to walk & interact with her. But the shelter is not where Nyah should spend the rest of her life! She is 45 lbs., completely housebroken, very easy on leash & good with most other dogs (must meet first) but not cats. She knows "sit," "come," "stay," "paw," "lie down" …and will work for treats! She is a complete love with all people. She shows affection by putting her head on your lap but isn't at all demanding. She is also very responsive…you can tell her to go lay on her bed and she will go over, lay down and play with her squeaky toys. But if you want to play a short game of tug, she'll do that too! She will adjust easily to a new home and she would be an easy fit because she requires so little to be happy - a couple of walks a day or fenced yard, a squeaky toy, a bed and a little TLC. She would be perfect for anyone except young children just because of her age, although she can certainly be around grandchildren! PLEASE SHARE NYAH'S STORY from Albany to Utica and all areas north and south of there! CONTACT: Ayres Shelter, Sprakers NY 518-673-5670 Thank you!

CURTIS: This is truly heartbreaking. CURTIS HAS LIVED MOST OF HIS 9 YEARS AT THE SHELTER! Due to a drug raid, he was 4 weeks old when he came. He was adopted out at 8 weeks and returned at a year because the people said he got too big (He's only around 60 lbs.). But Curtis can easily transition into a home. He is completely house-broken, and knows his commands. He's fine with cats and some dogs (including Nyah of course). He is great with kids but cannot go to a home with young children because for some reason, he can't handle having his feet touched (just his feet, not his legs). Older kids who understand this would be fine. Curtis loves to play fetch (and he does bring back the ball), he loves water and he loves to go for car rides. Curtis has a lot of energy for a boy his age but once he gets some exercise, he can calm down nicely. And he is very people friendly. Nobody at the shelter understands why he is living out his entire life there...please share his story and contact Ayres Shelter at 518-673-5670 to invite Curtis to be a part of your family.



Lucky & Sisi are 8 year old littermates - brother & sister. They have been together their whole life and are very bonded and dependant on each other so they must be adopted together. In June 2013, the only family Lucky & Sisi had ever known, dumped them in the shelter when they moved out of state and these pups are having a hard time understanding why. They are well behaved, affectionate, housebroken and follow commands; yet they were abandoned anyway. After 8 years in a home, the last 7 months in a shelter has been stressful for them. They are shy upon meeting people but warm up pretty quickly. They are very generous with love & kisses once they are comfortable with you. They also do awesome outside of the shelter at events which tells the shelter employees, they just need to get out of the shelter sooner than later. They need a real home where they will be loved. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP FIND LUCKY & SISI THEIR FOREVER HOME!! CONTACT INFO: Humane Society of Walden NY (845) 778-5115 - This shelter is in the New Paltz area.

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